Bitfenix's Pandora ATX case lets builders show off their own logos

Bitfenix has unveiled its Pandora ATX case, a follow-up to the microATX case of the same name. Like its smaller forebear, the Pandora ATX boasts good looks and plenty of room for liquid-cooling hardware. My favorite part is this case's programmable front-panel LED display, though.

That logo on the front of the Pandora ATX isn't a badge. Bitfenix includes its programmable Icon display with the Pandora ATX. The Icon display's software lets owners put a custom picture of their choice in a 2.8" square on the front panel. Above the front panel, the power and reset buttons flank a pair each of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. Headphone and microphone jacks sit front and center, too.

Internally, the Pandora ATX has room for two 360-mm radiators for liquid cooling—one up top and one at the front. Builders who would rather populate those bays with fans can do so with either three 120-mm fans or a pair of 140-mm fans in each location. Bitfenix includes a 140-mm fan in the front and a 120-mm spinner round back. Magnetic filters protect all of the Pandora ATX's intake vents. 

The Pandora ATX includes ample room for storage, too, in the form of four 3.5" and four 2.5" bays. Optical storage is out the window, though, like so many cases we've seen over the last year.  Some of that 3.5" storage space is hidden behind the bottom-mounted PSU's shroud, and two of the 2.5" bays are hidden behind the motherboard tray. Between the motherboard tray and side panel, Bitfenix says it's left 20mm of cable-routing space.

The wrap-around side panels of the Pandora line give this case a unique look. This isn't a small case, measuring 22" tall by 20" deep by 8" wide (558 x 510 x 203 mm). The Pandora ATX's steel construction contributes to its 21.3-pound weight.

Builders who want to forego some of the flash can opt for the Pandora ATX Core, which gives up the programmable Icon display, the included fans, and a couple of drive sleds. Bitfenix hasn't announced pricing for either model yet.

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