G.Skill Trident Z 16GB DDR4 kit hits ludicrous 4,133 MT/s speed

G.Skill has been expanding its product portfolio of late. The company is still best known for its RAM, though, and it's just released a 16GB DDR4 memory kit (made up of a pair of 8GB DIMMs) capable of hitting a double-take-inducing 4,133 MT/s.

G. Skill says these Trident Z modules use "ultra-high quality Samsung ICs" and come with XMP 2.0 profiles to allow for easy overclocking. The 4,133 MT/s kit reaches that speed with 1.4V at latencies of 19-25-25-45. The heat-spreader design looks good, and it's more subdued than the ones on some of G.Skill's other products.

These 4,133 MT/s DIMMs are one model in a series of kits G.Skill announced today. Four 16GB and four 32GB kits are all made up of 8GB DIMMs. They run at speeds of 3,600 MT/s to 3,733 MT/s. Those kits all need 1.35V to hit those speeds, and each speed grade is available in loose and tight timing flavors. 16GB kits at 3,866 MT/s to 4,000 MT/s are also available for those who don't want to step all the way up to the 4,133 MT/s version above.

Prices aren't available yet, but given that a similar set of G.Skill DIMMs running at 3,400 MT/s goes for $200, it's safe to say these DIMMs won't be cheap.

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