Acer XF270HU IPS monitor hooks Radeons up with 144Hz FreeSync

Acer's XB270HU display is one of the more popular Nvidia G-Sync monitors on the market. Sadly, Radeon owners can't take advantage of the XB270HU's variable-refresh-rate magic, since G-Sync is a GeForce-only club for now. Acer isn't leaving red-team fans out, though. Its XF270HU gaming monitor is largely identical to the XB270HU, but this monitor supports FreeSync instead.

The XF270HU's 27" 2560x1440 screen offers variable refresh rates up to 144Hz. Acer uses an IPS panel that should make for wide viewing angles and good color reproduction, too. The XF270HU can accept DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, HDMI MHL, and DVI signals.

Amazon already has this display in stock for $600, versus $709 for the XB270HU. We'd expect it to become more broadly available soon.

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