A cube of our own

Now that the Mac cube is dead and buried, we PC freaks get a chance to show 'em how to do it right. Brushed aluminum doesn't crack.

The folks from Shuttle have been sending pictures of this nifty new "bare bones" system called the SV24. It's the enclosure, plus an everything-integrated motherboard and a power supply. Check it out:

It's based on the VIA PL133 chipset, and it's ready to accept a Socket 370 CPU. Full specs are available right here. Obviously, this isn't going to be an all-out performance PC, but it should make for very slick little general-use system.

I told myself I would stick to the focus—which for me is reviewing new CPUs and ASICs—but when the Shuttle folks mailed offering one for review, I melted. We should have a review unit here soon. I couldn't help but think what a great first computer this thing would make for Jr. Damage. I have a no-fans-required VIA C3 processor (review pending) that would be a perfect match for this enclosure. With a DVD drive and this box's integrated composite TV out, it could be an ideal living-room PC, too. Or I may stick in a new 1.1GHz Celeron, just so I know it'll outrun a Mac cube.

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