Biostar's GeForce Gaming GTX 950 glows a fiery red

The GeForce GTX 950 may be a MOBA hero, but we found it also performs well in more graphically-intense games at 1080p with some of the settings dialed back. Biostar is getting in on the budget card action with the GeForce Gaming GTX 950.

The GeForce Gaming GTX 950 runs its cut-down GM206 at a bone-stock 1024 MHz base and 1190 MHz boost speeds. 2 GB of GDDR5 memory runs at stock speeds, too—6.6 GT/s.

Biostar's GTX 950 sports a beefy-looking, dual-fan "warship" cooler on its GPU, so it may have headroom for some overclocking action. The Biostar logo on the rear of the cooler lights up the PC's interior in a menacing red. Up to four monitors can be connected via HDMI, DisplayPort, and two DVI ports.

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