Autodesk uses HoloLens to bring 3D models into mixed reality

We've been seeing and hearing about the potential of Microsoft's HoloLens for the better part of a year. Now Autodesk is showing off what it can do with mixed-reality hardware with its Fusion 360 design and collaboration software. If this YouTube video is any indication, HoloLens could be a useful tool for designers who want to show off their work without actually making prototypes.

InĀ Autodesk's blog post, Fusion 360 business development manager Garin Gardiner says that HoloLens augments collaboration between engineers and industrial designers by placing rendered objects in a room where they can be seen at actual size. These rendered objects can be virtually manipulated by multiple users at once. Users will also be able to edit models directly in their holographic forms, use the walls in a room as an "infinite" virtual canvas, and show off a final design to customers using multiple HoloLens kits.

Designers itching to get their hands on these tools will still have to wait a while. HoloLens development kits won't be available until early next year, and Gardiner says Fusion 360 itself is still in development. Still, it's neat to see what ideas developers are working on for Microsoft's mixed-reality headsets.

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