Cooler Master's Sentinel III mouse shows its exact DPI at a glance

Most gaming mice today offer on-the-fly DPI adjustments, but those settings are usually represented with nothing more than a series of LEDs, and remembering what those lights mean in the middle of a heated game might not be easy. Cooler Master gets around that problem by putting an OLED display front and center on its Sentinel III gaming mouse, a neat-looking rodent designed for palm grippers. That OLED display shows the mouse's exact DPI setting to avoid confusion.

The Sentinel III's built-in OLED panel isn't purely utilitarian. Cooler Master lets users load a 32-by-32-pixel logo of their choice that's displayed behind the DPI settings. RGB LEDs at the front and top of the mouse can be set to show a panoply of colors, or they can be switched off entirely for those who prefer stealth.

Cooler Master puts an Avago 3988 optical sensor at the heart of the Sentinel III. That sensor can track at resolutions up to 6400 DPI, speeds up to 200 inches per second, and accelerations of up to 50 gs. We had a good experience with the Avago 3988 sensor in EVGA's Torq X5 mouse, so it's good to see in the Sentinel III.

This mouse offers eight programmable buttons with macro support, and those custom settings can be saved to five different profiles. The Sentinel III stores those profiles in 512KB of onboard memory, so gamers can move this mouse to different PCs without installing Cooler Master's software on each one. The mouse also includes five 4.5-gram weights to allow users to tune its heft to taste.

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