Reports: Just Cause 3 is exploding with bugs and glitches

Just Cause 3 has just been released, and the game is showing up in headlines for all the wrong reasons. Reports of severe performance issues across all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One) are steadily coming in, and the game also seems to suffer from an inordinate number of bugs and glitches.

The game's ills seem to come in all sorts of flavors. Players have reported unexplained performance dips, disappearing oceans and other geometry glitches, long loading times, freezes, and even server connectivity issues. That last one is a particularly interesting problem, since Just Cause 3 is a single-player title.

Avalanche Studios has issued a statement that the game released in some territories is not built with final code. The developer promises a patch for all platforms by the weekend. A Square Enix representative has also said that there are known issues with recent AMD graphics drivers, and recommends that gamers upgrade to the latest beta version before playing.

If this all sounds familiar, these issues echo Arkham Knight's disastrous launch. Let's hope that Just Cause 3 doesn't suffer the same fate.

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