Adobe embraces the HTML5 future with Animate CC

Flash has been a part of browsing the web on desktop systems for a long time, but its popularity has declined in recent years with the advent of standards-based rich content technologies that don't need plug-ins, like HTML5. Adobe has announced it's overhauling its Flash CC authoring software to embrace this reality, and the product has a new name—Adobe Animate CC. Adobe CC evangelist Michael Chaize walks through some of the new features in this video.

Along with its new HTML5 authoring features, Animate CC can export content in some new formats. In addition to SWF files, Animate CC can produce HTML5 and SVG content. Adobe says in its blog post that over a third of Flash content already incorporates HTML5, and that the Interactive Advertising Bureau has approved Flash CC as an HTML5 ad-creation platform. This change will allow developers to author content without a Flash container at all.

Adobe says the Flash platform will live on as a "first-class citizen" in Animate CC, but we can't imagine Adobe's embrace of other formats as anything but an eventual death sentence for Flash. Using HTML5 technologies lets creators ensure that their content can be seen on mobile devices and that it won't be blocked because of plug-in security concerns.

Animate CC will be available starting in January, and current CC subscribers will see it in the Creative Cloud desktop application. Existing installations of Flash CC 2015 will be renamed Animate once they're updated.

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