HGST's helium-filled 10TB hard drive floats into datacenters

Ten freakin' terrabytes—that's what HGST is packing in a single hard drive now. The Western Digital subsidiary has announced that it's started shipping the Ultrastar He10, a helium-filled hard drive that uses perpendicular magnetic recording to pack that 10TB of storage into a single 3.5" chassis

The Ultrastar He10 comes in 8TB and 10TB capacities with either SATA 6Gbps or serial-attached SCSI interfaces. Thanks to their high data density and 7200-RPM spindle speeds, HGST rates the 10 TB model for 249 MB/s transfers, with a typical seek time of 8 ms for reads and 8.6 ms for writes. The 8TB model trails its larger sibling a bit with its 225 MB/s speeds. 256 MB of cache in both drives could help to speed up smaller write operations.

All that capacity only needs about seven watts to keep spinning, and HGST says that represents a 56% drop in power used per terabyte compared to its previous generation of drives. The He10 series is backed by a five-year warranty, and they're aimed squarely at datacenters. HGST hasn't announced pricing yet.

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