Corsair Hydro H5 SF shrinks liquid cooling for Mini-ITX PCs

Mini-ITX system builders who want to push the boundaries of CPU performance are usually left out in the heat, and not every closed-loop liquid cooler fits easily in a Mini-ITX case.  Corsair is looking to fix that with its Hydro Series H5 SF low-profile closed-loop CPU cooler.

According to Corsair, the H5 SF dissipates up to 150W of heat. In fact, the product page shows a graph of the H5 SF cooling a Core i7-4790X CPU at 69ºC (under load, we presume). The company says it originally designed the H5 for its Bulldog gaming system, and is now marketing the standalone unit as a solution for PCs where a standard liquid-cooling arrangement won't fit.

The H5 SF's blower-style fan is a 120mm unit which spins at speeds ranging from 1000 to 1800 RPM. Corsair says that since the fan's intake is under the radiator, it draws cooler air from inside the PC. That design could also provide a measure of airflow over the motherboard and other components. The H5's cold plate is made of copper and comes with preapplied thermal paste.

The radiator measures 6.6" x 1.6" x 2.2" (or 167 x 40 x 57 mm), and the whole contraption is 3.3" (84 mm) tall. The Hydro Series H5 SF can be yours for $80.

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