Shadow Complex Remaster debuts for free on the PC

Side-scrolling platformers have never been the PC's forte, but Shadow Complex was one of the rare exceptions to the rule. The game was well received by press and gamers alike back in 2009, and it's now been remastered with modern graphics and gameplay tweaks.

Chair Entertainment (of Infinity Blade fame) is once again at the helm, and some cursory reading seems to indicate the remastered title more than lives up to the original. This news gets better, though. Epic is offering the PC version of the game for free during the holiday season. That's right, the price is zero, nada, niente, zilch. There's only one string attached—all you have to do is download Epic's Game Launcher and create an account for the service.

The game is downloading to my machine as we speak, so I can, um, benchmark it later. Gerbils, go forth and download it.

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