Dr. Damage asks: Benchmarks you'd like to see?

In the process of preparing a review of the ComputerNerd's new high-end PC workstation, I've been mulling over just what benchmarks should be included in TR's test suite. You'll get a good look at some of the basics in our recent article on the Athlon at 900MHz, although we've only included Win98 tests there because of time constraints. I have a number of other tests (on serveral other OSes) in mind for our full benchmark suite, including:
  • Linux tests, from kernel compiles (both single and multi-threaded) to, quite possibly, 3D game benchmarks.

  • A Photoshop 5 test suite we've recently discovered.

  • Some sort of rendering program, anything from 3D Studio Max to POV-Ray or whatever else.

  • The updated, 2000 verisons of the ZD Winstone and Winbench tests.

  • The usual 3D gaming benchmarks, including various timedemos and 3DMark 2000.
However, that's just the tip of the iceberg, and I'd like to hear what you think. What tests should TR use to evaluate PC and/or component performance? Is there anything new or different you'd like to see included in our test suite? Why?
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