Samsung will pay Apple $548 million over patent infringement

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung may never fully come to an end, but for now, Samsung will pay its rival for the infringement of some of Cupertino's patents. According to a joint case-management statement filed with the US District Court in San Jose, Samsung has agreed to fork over $548 million in damages. The company says it may try to recoup that money if later trials go in its favor, though.

According to the documents, Samsung says it will pay the agreed-upon damages once Apple submits an invoice. The two companies will meet in court on December 10 to find out whether Samsung will also have to pay around $2 million of Apple's legal costs. Samsung says that the payment will be completed by December 14.

In the joint case-management statement, Samsung says it's reserved the right to seek reimbursement if the partial judgment is reversed, modified, or vacated. Apple is still mulling whether to file a claim for supplemental damages and interest. There's still another trial scheduled for March of 2016, too, so this saga is far from over. 

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