Corsair's Carbide Series 600 cases turn systems upside-down

Corsair's cases have always been liked here at TR due to their well-thought-out layouts and stylish designs. The company has added two more full towers to its family of cases: the Carbide Series 600Q and its windowed cousin, the 600C. We've got one of these cases in our labs for review soon, but Corsair officially took the wraps off its latest today. Take a good look at these sleek puppies now.

Corsair calls these cases' interior layout "inverse ATX." The motherboard is installed head down, while the PSU and drive bays go at the top behind removable covers. That means the main side panel is now the one on the right side of the case. This layout lets Corsair build a motherboard area with no major airflow obstructions. The company says this arrangement both improves cooling and makes for an easier system building experience.

When it comes to fan and radiator mounts, the 600Q and 600C are well-equipped. There's room for two 120-mm or 140-mm fans at the front, while three 120-mm or two 140-mm spinners can be fitted on the bottom. The rear mount can hold either a single 120-mm or 140-mm fan, too. If you've been following the numbers, you can guess what radiators will fit in these cases, too. The 600-series enclosures can hold up to 280 mm of radiator at the front, 360 mm at the bottom, and 140 mm at the rear. The cases come from the factory with three 140-mm AF140L fans and a three-speed fan controller installed.

The storage section at the top of the case can accept two 3.5" hard drives and three 2.5" drives. Corsair also includes two 5.25" bays, in case you still need your old tape drive or retractable cup holder. Solid steel panels with sound damping material make up the exterior of the case. Two removable dust filters at the front and bottom should help keep the dust bunnies out. The Carbide Series 600Q and 600C will retail for $150.

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