Latest Flash update fixes a whopping 79 security holes

Flash may be gathering nails in its coffin, but the plugin's zombified carcass remains animated for now, and it's still chasing users. Adobe has just released another update for the thrice-darned web player software, and it's a doozy—the company squashed 79 security vulnerabilities this time around.

The update covers Flash Player version and earlier for Windows and OS X, and version and earlier for Linux. Perhaps more interestingly, the Chrome and Edge versions of the Flash player are also getting these fixes today. This massive security update for the software comes hot on the heels of the company's November update, which patched 17 vulnerabilities. Adobe also fixed 23 holes in September and 35 in August.

As always, be sure to update Flash Player if you have it installed, and advise friends and family to do so, as well. Despite measures like browsers temporarily blocking Flash, Google Adwords automatically converting Flash ads to HTML, and even Adobe's move to add HTML5 authoring capabilities to Animate CC (née Flash CC), it looks like the browser plugin isn't going away anytime soon.

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