HTC Vive's release date gets delayed to next April

Valve and HTC's joint effort to bring virtual reality gaming into the mainstream has hit another snag. The HTC Vive's intially-promised first-quarter availability timeframe is right around the corner, but the company has announced that the headset won't make it into consumer hands until April of 2016. 

The news isn't all bad, though. While retail availability is still several months off, HTC says it'll make 7,000 more units available to developers early next year. HTC says it's been distributing headsets to developers and content creators throughout 2015, too. The company has also looked beyond gaming as the primary use for the Vive. It's now exploring areas like retail, medical, and education.

Prior to the Vive's arrival on store shelves, HTC says developers and consumers alike will get a chance to take the headset out for a spin. The company is hosting a developer conference in Beijing starting December 18. Demo booths will also pop up at CES, Mobile World Congress, and GDC, among other events. 

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