EVE: Valkyrie will be bundled with Oculus Rift preorders next year

Multiplayer space-combat VR sim EVE: Valkyrie has made believers of many a show attendee this year. This guy couldn't even formulate a coherent sentence about the experience thanks to his excitement. Folks who are ready to embrace the VR future will get a chance to dogfight it out when the Oculus Rift ships next year (at least if they order a Rift ahead of time). CCP Games and Oculus have announced that EVE: Valkyrie will come bundled with each Rift preorder.

Just in case Scott's description wasn't complete enough for you, the folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun got to take Valkyrie for a spin recently. RPS' Philippa Warr says the game is coming together nicely. The main gameplay mode on display at a recent press preview event was a five-on-five deathmatch where each player started with a limited number of "clones"—basically a respawn limit.

The goal in that mode appears simple: run down the opposing team's respawns before your team gets taken out. Valkyrie lead designer Andrew Willans described the game to Warr as "Tom Cruise in Top Gun in space." We'd say that's a pretty apt description going by the latest YouTube footage, too.

Warr says that Willans thinks getting people to try VR is the biggest challenge to the technology's acceptance. Willans told RPS that "I can talk about VR to you all day, chew your ear off in the pub about how it’s going to change the world and show you pictures but you will not get it until you have the headset on." Along with the "experience factor," the Rift's hefty system requirements may be a barrier to entry for some, too. Still, bundling a high-profile game like Valkyrie with pre-orders can't hurt interest.

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