Deals of the week: SSDs, Apple Watches, and more

It's Friday, gerbils. There are just two more weeks of shopping to buy your loved ones (or yourself) that new hot rod system for the holiday season. We've dug through all the deals we can stand today, and the best of the best are below.

  • Adorama has Samsung's 500GB 850 Evo SSD bundled with a copy of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate for $148. That price isn't much more than the going price on OCZ's Trion 100 480GB drive, but Samsung's SSD performed better in our recent review, and buyers could flip the Syndicate code to narrow that price gap.
  • The prices on terabyte-ish SSDs is just falling through the floor. Folks looking for a spacious SSD to stash their Steam library on might want to look at SanDisk's Ultra II 960GB SSD. It's down to $250 right now at Newegg, which works out to just 26 cents per gigabyte.
  • At $450 on Newegg, MSI's GeForce GTX 980 4GD5T OC graphics card is already the lowest-priced GTX 980 around, but a $30 mail-in rebate could bring that price down further. The card is also bundled with a copy of either Assassin's Creed: Syndicate or Rainbow Six: Siege.
  • EVGA's Supernova 850 G2 power supply is down to $110 on Newegg after promo code NAFEVGA10PSU, and a $10 mail-in rebate could drop that price further. The PSU review specialists at JonnyGuru gave this model a crazy-high 9.9 out of 10 in its review, so this unit should provide plenty of clean power for systems that need it.
  • Builders who want to overclock CPUs on the cheap can't get a Z170-based motherboard for less than ASRock's Z170 Pro4S, which is a Shell Shocker deal at Newegg right now. 80 bucks buys a pretty stripped-down board, but most users will probably find that the expansion options provided by Intel's Z170 chipset and Gigabit Ethernet controller on this board will handle the vast majority of their needs.
  • Those who want something smaller than a full ATX tower may want to look at Corsair's Graphite Series 380T mini-ITX case. The black model is down to $90 at Newegg. In our review we noted that this is a pretty big mini-ITX case, but we found it's a dream to work in. I just moved my primary system into one of these, and it was a very easy build.
  • What about the sweaty Apple enthusiasts? Best Buy has them covered. The retailer has discounted the aluminum version of the Apple Watch Sport by $50. That means the 38-mm version is $249, and the larger 42-mm version is $299.

That's quite a pile of stuff. If we missed something good, be sure to share it with your fellow gerbils in the comments.

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