AMD board partners begin selling 4GB Radeon R9 390s in China

When AMD debuted its Radeon R9 300-series cards, one of the major draws of the range-topping, Hawaii-powered R9 390 and R9 390X was the 8GB of GDDR5 memory on both of those products. Now, it appears that AMD's board partners are selling 4GB versions of the R9 390—in China, at least.


Chinese retailer has product pages for 4GB Radeon R9 390s from Sapphire, XFX, and Dataland (better known as PowerColor to the rest of the world). The Sapphire card comes with a Dual-X cooler with two fans, and it costs about $309 at today's exchange rates.


XFX's 4GB card looks similar to the 8GB R9 390 we tested alongside the Radeon R9 Fury some time ago, and it retails for about $305. PowerColor cools its 4GB R9 390 with an enormous triple-fan heatsink that purports to run in a passive mode when the GPU temperature is 62 C or lower. This card costs about $325.

It's not clear whether any of these cards will ever come to the United States, but going by the prices of similar 8GB Radeon R9 390s from PowerColor and XFX on Newegg, it seems like there could be room for these 4GB cards to slot in at or under the same price points as the cheapest GTX 970s on that e-tailer right now. We'll have to see whether any of these products make their way to North American shores.

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