Poll: What's your favorite computer these days?

In our last poll, we asked gerbils what they thought of upgrading to systems with Intel's Skylake CPUs inside. Today, we have something a little different.

We think it's a reasonable guess that a good chunk of our audience has several computers in the home, along with multiple smartphones and tablets. Each of those devices has its place, be that heavy-duty gaming, productivity, or light web browsing and app usage on the go.

However, us computer folks tend to have, shall we say, a special place in our hearts for one of our devices. Perhaps it's the laptop with the gorgeous screen, the fancy PC with an audiophile speaker set for listening to beautiful tunes, the gaming rig with quad-SLI power, or simply the phone that fits just so in a jorts pocket.

Let's play Sophie's Choice. Well, Moore's Choice, in this case. You're forced to ditch all of your devices, save for the one you cherish most. Choose wisely. Which one is it?

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