ASRock turns on Z170 overclocking for locked Skylake CPUs

A couple days back, we covered some rumors about the possibility that locked Intel Skylake CPUs could be overclockable after all. That day is officially here, at least if you're the owner of an ASRock Z170 motherboard. The company has officially announced "SkyOC," a new feature for its lineup of Z170 motherboards which allows users to overclock locked Skylake CPUs by increasing the processor's base clock.

To take advantage of this feature, all that's necessary is a simple BIOS update to any ASRock Z170 motherboard. The company also hints at forthcoming support for this feature in other chipsets.

To demonstrate this feature, the company claims to have overclocked an Intel Core i5-6400 (a chip selling for $190) from its stock turbo speed of 3.3 GHz to an impressive 4.3 GHz. There are a couple caveats, though. ASRock says that users will need a dedicated graphics card, as the chip's IGP will be disabled. More importantly, control over the CPU's Turbo Ratio and power management C-States will be disabled. That could mean the CPU will always run at its top speed, increasing power consumption. Still, great overclocks on the cheap? Gimme!

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