Crytek and Oculus don't leave VR adopters hanging with The Climb

With Samsung's Gear VR on the market, and Oculus' Rift slated to arrive early in 2016, consumers want to know what games they'll actually be able to play on their shiny new toys. Today, Crytek announced The Climb, a game in which players scale rock faces modeled after beautiful real-world locations. Built for Oculus Rift hardware, The Climb aims to attract a broad audience to virtual reality gaming. Take a look at the trailer:

The Climb will support both the Xbox One controller and Oculus Touch, although the trailer suggests that the game was made especially with the Oculus Touch in mind. The game represents the player as a pair of disembodied hands, so a dual controller interface seems more intuitive. Crytek claims this choice prevents the player's view from being obstructed and make "the movements made in the game feel much more intuitive and natural." This decision puts more emphasis on the environment than the player, and perhaps that's a good thing; Crytek's Cryengine is more than capable of producing gorgeous worlds for players to inhabit.

Crytek promises to reveal more climbing locations and game modes as the game gets closer to release. In the meantime, it's interesting to compare The Climb to EVE Valkyriethe game that Oculus will bundle with Oculus Rift preorders. EVE Valkyrie looks like a thrilling ride, but also an intense one for casual gamers. The Climb, on the other hand, is the sort of simple-concept game that made Nintendo's Wii a surprise hit. The popularity of Oculus Rift specifically, and virtual reality gaming generally, may rely on the fortunes of accessible titles like The Climb.

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