Resolution is overrated with Humble Bundle's Neo Geo pack

You all know the drill with Humble Bundle by now. The service lets gamers pay whatever they choose for a select pack of games, and its newest bundle is perfect if you're hankering for some retro fun. This latest collection offers a grab bag of Neo Geo games that represent all the arcade goodness of the '90s for SNK's classic platform. Even the smallest donations get rewarded with eight games, including titles from the Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, King of Fighters, and Samurai SHOwdown series.

Hold your applause, though: it gets better. When you give $10 or more, you unlock a full load of 25 Neo Geo games to explore in all their splendor, at resolutions up to 320 by 224 pixels with an incredible 4096 colors on screen at a time.

If you’re still looking for reason to act, consider that this is the PC debut for most of these games, and they’re exclusive to Humble. As a bonus for beating the average donation, the Humble team will throw in their 25th anniversary soundtrack to boot. It’s hard to deny the majesty of this epic track:

Like other Humble Bundles, you get to choose how to allocate your payment between the developer and a variety of charities. Even better, Humble now lets buyers choose the charity that'll get the proceeds from among thousands of options. Just select a foundation that’s important to you, adjust the payment sliders as you see fit, and don’t forget to tip Humble for putting this package together.

Just a cautionary note before you rush headlong into your purchase—these games were designed to run on a system with 64 KB of system RAM. Be sure your machine has what it takes before ordering.

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