Firefox 43 gives Windows users the option of 64-bit support

Firefox version 43 is out, and it comes with an interesting new feature. There's now an official 64-bit build available for Windows. Users of 64-bit versions of Microsoft's operating system (in other words, everyone with a modern Windows machine) can now enjoy improved performance in Firefox.

Those looking to install the new 64-bit build will need to grab the requisite installer directly from the Firefox download page, as an in-place upgrade will maintain the 32-bit version. Windows Vista users need not apply, though—only Windows 7 and above are supported.

The 64-bit version has limited support for plugins, though Adobe's Flash Player still works, for better or for worse. The new release also adds tracking protection during private browsing, a feature that offers additional cloaking against third-party user-tracking scripts in that mode.

With 64-bit support done, Firefox users can now look forward to Electrolysis and its multi-process suport. Mozilla expects to enable that new feature by default "by the middle of 2016."

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