ITC declines Nvidia's appeal in Samsung patent-infringement case

The United States International Trade Commission has denied Nvidia's request for a decision review regarding the company's ongoing patent spat with Samsung. Nvidia was hoping to get the ITC's initial findings in Samsung's favor overturned. In the statement issued by the ITC, the agency says it again found no instances where Samsung was violating Nvidia's patents.

This decision upholds judge Thomas Pender's earlier findings, published on October 9. While the judge concluded that Samsung and Qualcomm did indeed violate one of Nvidia's patents, he also deemed that patent invalid. Furthermore, Pender limited the investigation's scope so it wouldn't include Qualcomm's graphics processing units.

Nvidia acknowledges that this decision marks the end of the road for its case against Samsung and Qualcomm. Despite that setback, the graphics company said in a recent blog post that it remains firm in its belief that its patents are still valid, and that those patents were infringed. The company says it plans to appeal the ITC's decision.

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