Nvidia's latest GeForce Experience beta makes it easier to share

Many games are nothing if not a social experience, and Nvidia’s latest beta update for its Geforce Experience platform could make it easier to socialize with improvements to its streaming and screenshot capture tools. Gamers who like to brag about their exploits may want to take a look at these improvements before Nvidia rolls them into its general-release software.

The beta adds an in-game overlay that allows users to easily access recording and broadcasting tools. Through the overlay, gamers can capture screenshots, do some quick image editing, and upload the screenshots to Imgur—even at 4K resolutions.

The new interface also streamlines the process of broadcasting games to Twitch.tv. Gamers will be able to select the best Twitch Ingest server, display their viewer counts, and customize the image overlay shown to viewers of their streams, all without actually leaving the game.

To encourage gamers to try the new features, Nvidia is giving away five Geforce GTX 970 graphics cards. You can read more about the sweepstakes here.

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