Apple taps new execs for hardware, software, and operations

Apple is making some big changes to its executive suite today. In an intriguing move, Apple appointed Johny Srouji as its senior vice president of hardware technologies. Srouji joined Apple in 2008 to lead development of the A4 SoC, and the company says he later worked to build teams responsible for "custom silicon and hardware technologies including batteries, application processors, storage controllers, sensors silicon, display silicon and other chipsets across Appleā€™s entire product line."

Srouji's new role underscores the importance of custom chips and other hardware in setting apart many of Apple's products, and his influence is sure to be widely felt thanks to Apple's strategy of vertical integration from silicon to software.

Phil Schiller, the company's senior vice president for worldwide marketing, is also taking the reins of Apple's various App Stores. The company didn't detail the reasoning behind this change, but it expects Schiller to "extend the ecosystem Apple customers have come to love."

Given some recent high-profile developer departures from the Mac App Store, and long-running complaints from developers about that storefront, it's possible that Apple will task Schiller with shaking up the company's digital distribution channels for the benefit of customers and developers alike.

The company also elevated Jeff Williams, its former VP of operations, to the chief operating officer seat. That position had been vacant since Tim Cook became Apple's CEO after Steve Jobs' resignation in 2011. Before today, Williams was responsible for the company's entire supply chain. He'll also continue to oversee development of the Apple Watch.

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