Go big and fast with G.Skill's Trident Z 3200 MT/s 64GB DDR4 kit

"Bigger and better" seems to be G.Skill's motto. Not content with releasing DIMMs clocked at an insane 4133 MT/s, the company is now working on pairing speed and capacity in the same kit. Behold the TridentZ DDR4 3200 MT/s 64GB kit, comprising four 16GB modules.

Besides the hefty bandwidth, the DIMMs in these kits have tight 14-14-14-35 timings, thanks in part to what G.Skill calls premium Samsung DRAM chips. Voltage is set at 1.35V. To ensure compatibility with the latest CPUs and motherboards, the sticks come with XMP 2.0 profiles built in. G.Skill didn't say how much this kit will cost, but we're betting it won't be cheap. Even so, these kits should be worth it to anyone who needs speed and size all at once.

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