1. World Tribune reports that Bin Laden prepares new attacks
  2. Designtechnica on digital jewelry using Bluetooth technology
  3. Electic Tech reports that Toshiba introduces Tecra 9000 series,
    Quantum Corporation laughs at Imation lawsuit,
    SMART Modular Technologies expands IDE flash drives lineup,
    and Viking Components announces 1GB PC133 thin-profile registered DIMM
  4. EverythingUSB on $250 HP LaserJet 1000
    and Proxim's additions to its 802.11b wireless line
  5. Amdmb's "of things quiet"
  6. Cutting The Edge considers biometrics

  1. AMD's new processor pricing, Duron 1.1GHz benchmarks, and FAQ (thanks AMDZone)
  2. Ambmb and AMDZone review Duron 1.1GHz
  3. Oveclockers Online reviews Iwill KK266plus-R
  4. X-bit labs has AMIFlash BIOS update guide
  5. Overclockedcafe reviews rounded ATA/100 cables
  6. Electic Tech has Sony notebook control device drivers 6.0J

  1. AMDZone, AnandTech, EuroGamer, GamePC, HotHardware, nV News,
    Tweak3D, and X-bit labs p/review NVIDIA GeForce3 Titanium 500
  2. VIAHardware reviews MSI MX400 Pro-VT32S
  3. OnePC reviews PowerColor GeForce2 MX400 Tri-View
  4. Noticias3D reviews VideoLogic Vivid!XS (in Spanish)
Networking, multimedia, and cooling

  1. SystemLogic on network topology
  2. GideonTech reviews Compex Waveport wireless LAN kit
  3. AMDPower reviews RumbleFX 3D sound amp
  4. Neoseeker reviews Olympus DM-1 digital voice recorder
  5. PCstats reviews Archos MP3 Jukebox Recorder
  6. Dan's Data reviews mini-mouses
  7. 3dXtreme reviews Ratpadz
  8. BiT-Tech reviews UV light accessories
  9. FrostyTech reviews OCZ Dominator microfin heatsink
    and Fortis Tech A92 heatsink
  10. 2FastCPU reviews TI Dr. Thermal TI-V77 heatsink
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