ITC rules Nvidia infringed three Samsung patents

It's not been a good month for Nvidia when it comes to courts of law. After the US International Trade Commission determined Samsung didn't infringe on the graphics chip maker's IP, the news came in today that Samsung was partially victorious in its counter-suit—at least for now.

An ITC judge found that Nvidia infringed on the three Samsung patents at issue in the lawsuit (US6147385, US6173349, and US7804734). In a public statement, Nvidia says it's disappointed with the decision and will ask the full panel of ITC judges to review the decision, a request which will take a few months to fulfill, at least.

According to Bloomberg, Nvidia's lawyers argued that Samsung's legal team picked "three patents that have been sitting on the shelf for years collecting nothing but dust." One of those patents expires next year, invalidating any possible trade embargo on products that make use of it. Samsung's lawsuit also targets some Nvidia customers, including Biostar, EliteGroup and Jaton. The Korean company also has an ongoing civil case against Nvidia in Virginia, which is scheduled for a trial in January.

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