Microsoft's giant Surface Hubs get delays and price increases

Microsoft is still working on the largest member of its Surface family, the Surface Hub. In case you've forgotten, the Hub will be big. The 1080p version has a 55" screen, while the 4K Hub spreads its pixels across an 84" vista. Businesses itching for a Hub already had to exercise patience once as Microsoft prepared for higher-volume production, moving the expected release date for these systems from September this year to January 1, 2016.

However, the good folks over at ZDNet report that Microsoft won't be able to meet this release date either. At this point, Microsoft says the Hub will begin shipping sometime within the first calendar quarter of the new year.

Shipping dates aren't the only thing changing about the Hub, either. Microsoft now intends to sell the Surface Hub for $2,000 more than it previously expected. That increase raises prices for the smaller Hub from $6,999 to $8,999, and the larger one from $19,999 to $21,999. In its communication with ZDNet, Microsoft justifies the increase accordingly: "After evaluating the market opportunity and considering the unique collaboration scenarios Surface Hub offers, we believe these are the right prices to drive the business and the category forward."

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