XE may be taking wireless charging long distance

Wireless phone chargers are already on the market, but those devices require you to rest your phone on a dedicated base station. The future of wireless charging may not be so restrictive, though. Ukrainian startup XE claims to have created a device that can charge your phone from up to 16 feet (or five meters) away. 

Ars Technica got a look at an early prototype of the device. Currently, the charging station looks a bit bulky, but XE claims the commercial version will measure about 5.9" by 5.9" by 16" (15x15x40 cm). The base station can purportedly charge up to four devices at once, and starts feeding power automatically when a device comes into range. XE's main breakthrough, according to Ivan Chuba, the company's founder, is building an antenna small enough to fit inside a 3mm-thick phone case.

Other details of the device are still scarce. XE declined to tell Ars Technica what frequency the charger uses, for example, and we don’t yet know how long it takes for it to charge up a typical battery. XE is working on a prototype to display at the SVOD Europe conference next month, however, so we may know more about its tech in a few weeks.

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