"Celeratin" arrives

The folks at Tom's Hardware Guide's German edition have gotten their hands on a new Celeron 1.2GHz and put it to the test versus a 1.1GHz Duron. (The article's in German, but the graphs are in the international language: love. Hit the fish if you need the text translated.) This new Celeron is the new 0.13-micron, Tualatin-based revision of the Celeron. In fact, the chip is actually a Tualatin chip, complete with 256K L2 cache, only it's strapped to a 100MHz front-side bus and memory. (See our review for the lowdown on Tualatin.)

Some of you who read our Celeron vs. Duron at 1.1GHz article questioned my assertion that even an improved, Tualatin-based Celeron might not keep pace with the "Morgan" Duron. Now that I've seen the results at Tom's Hardware, I have this to say to you:

    Neener neener neener.
Nevertheless, this new chip is a significant upgrade for the Celeron line. The most exciting thing about this new Celeron is its potential for overclocking. The chip's multiplier is locked, but it's set assuming a 100MHz bus. The crazy Germans at Tom's got the "Celeratin" running at 1500MHz on a 125MHz bus, where it pretty much creamed the Duron. The 1.1GHz Duron, by contrast, would only overclock to 1250MHz. A "Celeratin" that will hit 1600MHz would be ideal, of course, because then bus could run at 133MHz, and the rest of the system clocks (AGP, PCI, etc.) could run at spec. At that speed, the new Celeron might just outrun pretty much everything.
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