Details surface about Microsoft's plans for a new phone

Despite some struggles in the phone market over the last year, Microsoft still has high aspirations for its mobile division. Chris Capossella, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, threw out some interesting hints about an upcoming device in an interview for Windows Weekly. Capossella says this new phone will be “some sort of spiritual equivalent" for the company's Surface tablet "that doesn’t just feel like a phone for people who like Windows.”

This apparent “Surface Phone” is still a ways off. As Capossela says, “We need time to actually go build that.” More broadly, as the install base for Windows 10 increases, Microsoft wants to offer hardware that will offer a familar experience for users. This will require hardware that, in Capossella's words, "is going to make me pause before I buy my 17th iPhone."

More immediate work is happening on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. The company says it's continuing to work with developers to make sure that its app store offers the top 10-15 “must-have” apps. Given Windows Phone's present footing, every little bit helps.

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