Google Glass Enterprise Edition appears at the FCC

Earlier this year, we covered reports that Google was designing an "Enterprise Edition" of its Glass head-mounted computer targeted at businesses. A ton of information and images have now appeared on the FCC website about a device with the designation "A4R­GG1." This wearable could be the Enterprise Edition Glass.

The FCC filing details a clip-on model of Glass that's now foldable, too. The display prism is bigger this time around, a design that could provide a larger picture for users. The camera now has a recording indicator, too. The overall design has smoother lines than the first Glass units, and the the power button is now located at the rear of the device. 9to5Google is reporting that the device is weather-resistant, too, which ought to make it suited for field work. The bone conduction pad for audio also seems to be gone, replaced by a conventional speaker on this unit.

All the changes detailed above could ease Glass' overall acceptance, particularly the fact that it's now a clip-on system usable with any kind of glasses. Don't hold your breath for general availability, though, as earlier reports indicated that Google will be selling these devices exclusively to businesses for now through its Glass at Work program.

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