Transcend positions SuperMLC flash as an SLC alternative

Transcend might not be the most common name in the consumer SSD arena, but the Taiwanese company has an extensive portfolio of flash storage products nonetheless. The company is expanding that portfolio today with an interesting technology it's calling "SuperMLC" NAND.

According to Transcend, the new NAND type involves "reprogramming two bits per cell of MLC into one bit per cell." The capacity of a drive is halved in this arrangement, but the firm believes the trade-offs are worth it, particularly for smaller-capacity SSDs. Transcend says its new flash can reach up to 4 times the sequential write speed of conventional MLC technology. Endurance should be improved, too, as the company expects individual SuperMLC cells to withstand 30,000 program/erase cycles, as much as three times that of regular MLC.

All told, Transcend believes the new tech has characteristics similar to SLC NAND, but at more affordable pricing. The firm is looking to use the new technology in SSDs targeted at industrial applications, and it expects to release products with SuperMLC flash in 2016.

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