Show off your graphics card with iBuypower's Revolt 2 case

Today's graphics cards are often worth showing off, but our cases usually hide them from view. iBuypower’s new Revolt 2 case brings your video card out from the shadows and makes it the showpiece of your rig.

The Revolt 2 is shaped roughly like a trapezoid, and it has a transparent angled top face to provide a better view of the graphics card inside. The motherboard mounts to the left wall of the enclosure so that graphics card will face the top of the case. A large window on the front of the case shows off an SSD hot-swap bay, as well. Builders can illuminate their graphics card with iBuypower's customizable Smart Lighting system.

The shape (and size) of the Revolt 2 places some limitations on the hardware you can put inside it. It requires a Mini-ITX motherboard, and it can only hold two 2.5” drives and one 3.5” drive. Since the power supply is mounted directly across from the CPU, it looks like the case won’t accommodate large air coolers. A closed-loop liquid cooler may be in order for high-performance CPUs housed in the Revolt 2. iBuypower does claim that the case will hold any Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card, though, with the sole exception of PowerColor’s Devil 13 cards.

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