Oculus will bundle Lucky's Tale with every Rift headset

Gamers willing to pre-order the Oculus Rift are already getting a copy of EVE: Valkyrie, but Oculus is now bundling a free title for those who want to wait for the VR headset's release, too. The compnay announced today that Playful Studios’ Lucky’s Tale will come with every Oculus Rift sold. Lucky’s Tale is a cheerful, colorful platformer where players have to guide a bouncy fox to collect stars and jump on the heads of bad guys. Here’s a gameplay trailer:

The gameplay in Lucky’s Tale is a bit unexpected. Rather than put the player behind the eyes of the game’s main character, as one might assume would be the case in a VR title, the player follows the vulpine star of the show from a third-person perspective—sort of like Super Mario 64. The game has received glowing early reviews, so perhaps there’s some value to letting players use a familiar control scheme as they learn the ins and outs of VR.  

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