Samsung's Portable SSD T3 puts 2TB in your pocket

Samsung's T1 portable SSD put up to a terabyte of the company's 3D V-NAND flash in a pocketable, featherweight drive with a USB interface. The company tells us that consumer response to the T1 was quite positive, and it says it experienced strong demand for the drive.  After a round of customer feedback and refinement of its concept, Samsung is releasing the next iteration of its portable SSD today, called the Portable SSD T3.

The biggest change about the T3 is the addition of a 2TB model to the lineup. That huge chunk of solid-state storage takes up a footprint of just 2.9" by 2.3" by 0.4" (74 by 58 by 10.5 mm). To reach that eye-popping capacity, Samsung uses a number of its 48-layer V-NAND dies. 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB T3 SSDs will also be available in equally tiny footprints.

Samsung says that customers found the 38-gram T1 drive too light in the hand, so it's replaced the plastic casing of that drive with a metal shell this time around. That material change purportedly makes the drive feel like a more premium product, and it only adds a few grams of weight. The T3 still weighs a feathery 51 grams despite its metal exterior.

The T3's USB port gets an upgrade to a USB 3.1 Type-C connector. Performance specifications are the same as the T1, though: 450MB/s for sequential reads and writes. The drive can also perform full-disk encryption using a 256-bit AES algorithm. Android users can plug the T3 into their phones to access their files, and a dedicated app lets owners manage the drive password and check its remaining capacity.

Samsung says the Portable SSD T3 will be available starting next month in the United States, China, Korea, and some European countries. Worldwide availability will follow later in the year.

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