PDP claims it can charge your Xbox One controller in 60 seconds

A new charging station for the Xbox One controller can reportedly deliver a full charge in less than 60 seconds. The Super Charger, made by Performance Designed Products, is on display at this year’s CES. The charger's accompanying battery pack appears to add a rectangular block to the underside of the controller. Depending on its weight and the size of your fingers, the additional bulk on the controller might be a concern.

Considering that the Oculus Rift will ship with an Xbox One Controller, there may be an increased market for controllers and controller accessories this spring. Microsoft’s popular Xbox One Elite controller has been selling out recently, despite its $150 price tag. Microsoft announced that supply for the coveted controller may be limited all the way through March of this year. PDP's Super Charger could give those controllers a quick shot of juice.

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