Be Quiet cases and power supplies are dressed to impress in 2016

To kick off CES, we got up close and personal with some of Be Quiet's products. We've covered the company's Silent Base 800 and Silent Base 600 mid-towers in the past, but it was nice to see these classy-looking cases in the flesh.

The Silent Base 800 in red and black trim

I'm impressed by these cases' clean lines and their distinctive silencing features like double-glazed windows and extensive sound dampening pads. The Silent Base 800's easy-to remove front dust filters are another welcome touch, and the red-trimmed version of that case is an especially sporty-looking enclosure.

The Silent Base 600 in silver and orange trim

The company also showed us its wide range of CPU coolers and power supplies. The company's coolers range from the attractive, high-end Dark Rock Pro 3 to the more affordable Pure Rock. Be Quiet also has some fancy top-down coolers like its Dark Rock TF for space-constrained systems.

The company's PSU range is getting a cosmetic upgrade this year to all-black sheathed cables, too. That move is nice to see for builders who want the stealthiest possible builds.

Along with a tour of its existing product line, Be Quiet gave us some tantalizing hints about an upcoming premium case it'll be releasing around Computex 2016. The company expects this case to be priced in the $250 range, and it's apparently going to be a highly modular design. The company didn't have a prototype or pictures of this case on hand, so we'll have to see how it takes form as we draw closer to Computex.

This post has been edited to remove confidential information at the request of the manufacturer.

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