Windows 10 reaches 200 million active users

Windows 10 continues to grow in popularity. Today, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is active on over 200 million computers, tablets, and phones. According to Microsoft, the operating system is being adopted more rapidly than any previous version. It took 12 months for Windows 7 to hit the 200 million mark, and 15 months for Windows 8 to do the same.

One reason for the sales growth is the holiday shopping season. Microsoft noted that 40% of all Windows 10 activations have occurred after Black Friday. Microsoft also says it's had some success with WIndows 10 in the business world. It claims that 76% of its enterprise customers are actively testing Windows 10.

If this adoption rate continues, Windows 10 will soon have a larger market share than Windows XP. Currently, Windows 10 is used on about 10% of desktops, and Windows XP is used on 11%. The juggernaut is still Windows 7, which is the operating system for 56% of desktops despite Microsoft’s standing offer of a free upgrade for many of these machines.

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