Zotac shows off its first PCIe SSD and Radeon-powered Zboxes

CES - We met with Zotac this morning to see what the company has in store for 2016. We got a look at the company's full line of graphics cards, Zbox mini-PCs, and storage options, along with a couple products that are still in development.

The company's as-yet-unnamed PCIe SSD looks like a welcome addition to the market. This drive uses Toshiba NAND paired with a Phison PS5007-E7 controller. The company tells us this drive is a fully-integrated add-in card, not an M.2 product on an adapter riser. The company says to expect the drive next month.

That fancy waterblock in the picture above is another prototype that the company is planning to offer as an add-on for GTX 980 Ti cards. Though the version we saw uses blue LEDs, Zotac tells us a version with RGB LEDs is a possibility, as well. The company says to expect temperatures in the 40°C to 50°C range with this block when it's strapped to a GTX 980 Ti under load.

Zotac is also beefing up its fanless range of Zboxes this year. The company showed us a prototype of a passively-cooled Skylake Zbox with a Core i3-6300U CPU inside. This system's considerable heft is consistent with what Zotac says is a large aluminum heatsink inside. For situations where quiet operation is a priority alongside processing power, this Zbox could be an interesting solution.

Zotac also showed off two Zboxes with discrete Radeon graphics cards inside. The Zbox MA761 and Zbox EA740 both use a Radeon R9 M365X graphics card on an MXM riser card, paired with a Core i3-6100T CPU. The MA761 has a whopping six DisplayPort outputs, and it'll be available exclusively to business customers who will incorporate it into their own solutions. The EA740 cuts the DisplayPort complement to three, and it'll be available to the general public.

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