Mobos get the KT266A treatment

VIA's spunky new revision of the KT266 chipset, the super-fast KT266A, is a drop-in replacement for the KT266. That's good news for mobo makers, because the transition to the KT266A should be easy. KT266A boards are already trickling out; we've linked a review of MSI's KT266A board in today's Shortbread. Once I waded through all the pop-ups, I learned the MSI KT266A board looks to be about 10% faster than a KT266 board.

Shuttle's AK31 rev. 2 is a darn fine KT266 board, so I was waiting for this bit of news. Shuttle has announced the AK31 rev. 3, which packs the KT266A chipset. If the AK31 rev. 2 is any indication, this new revison of the board should be a screamer. Unfortunately, I don't see mention of an ATA-RAID controller like on the AV40R, but the presence of six PCI slots makes up for a lot.

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