AOC joins the CES monitor party with big FreeSync displays

The CES monitor party is still under way, and AOC just showed up. The Taiwanese manufacturer is showing off a couple of its fancy displays, both in large sizes.


AOC didn't think 34" was big enough, so it went one bigger. The C3583FQ is a 35" curved display that AOC says can hit refresh rates as high as 160 Hz. AOC also includes FreeSync support with this display. There's no word on the display's resolution, but chances are it's the same 2560x1080 VA panel found in the Acer Predator Z35.


For people looking for a few more pixels than that, AOC offers the U2879VF monitor. It's a 28" display with 3840x2160 resolution. There's no word on the exact refresh rate, but AOC mentions "60 frames per second," which we guess means a maximum of 60Hz. The refresh rate is variable, too, courtesy of FreeSync support. HDMI 2.0 and Display 1.2a inputs complement the connectivity options. AOC says you can get your hands on the U2879VF very soon.

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