Thermaltake goes enormous with its Core W100 case

Sometimes, we look at a case and wonder what the designers were thinking. That's definitely not the case with Thermaltake's Core W100. The company's designers were clearly wondering "can we fit a kitchen sink and bathtub in this, or perhaps even a whole house?" Check out the company's presentation video:

The Core W100 is what Thermaltake calls a "super tower chassis." It can take in motherboards with form factors as large as XL-ATX or even SSI MEB. That last mobo standard measures a whopping 16.2" by 13" (41 x 30 cm).

The case can house up to 20 hard drive cages in "3 + 10" drive racks. Cage sections for SSDs and HDDs are freely interchangeable, too. The Core W offers room for ten expansion slots, and can take in graphics cards as long as 25" (64 cm). The Core W100 is equally generous in the power supply section—it'll accept units as long as 8.6", or 220 mm.

The case's theme of extremes continues in the cooling section. When it comes to air cooling, the Core W100 can fit in tower-style air coolers as tall as 7.9" (20 cm). Builders will find plenty of room for liquid-cooling setups, too. The case's front will accept up to three 140-mm fans or a radiator up to 420 mm long. At the top, there's room for not one or two, but three 200-mm fans, or a 600-mm radiator, probably taken from a car. The bottom of the case will take in up to three 140-mm fans or a 280-mm radiator.

That's not all, though. The case's left side has mounting spots for up to four 140-mm fans, while the right side will take in up to 12 of those (count'em), or six 200-mm fans instead. Radiators up to 560 mm in length can be mounted in either side of the case.

If somehow all of the above still isn't enough, users can expand the Core W100's capacity even further with the Core P100 module. The P100 can be mounted onto the top or bottom of the case and provides even more room for storage devices or liquid cooling loops. With the P100 stacked with the W100, the available height for front-mounted radiators increases to 600 mm. Thermaltake says this module can even be used to house a second system.

The Core W100 will sell for $330, while the Core P100 will set you back $120. The Core WP100 bundle containing both the case and the pedestal is priced at $440. Thermaltake says these goodies will be shipping around late February.

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