Griffin revamps its peripherals and chargers with USB Type-C

Griffin Technologies is updating a number of their peripherals, accessories, and cables for USB 3.1 Type-C. The company is also rolling out its "Guaranteed For Life" program, promising to repair or replace any product it makes that becomes unusable. That coverage will begin with its USB Type-C products.

Many Apple users appreciated the MagSafe power cables that snapped away from laptops when tugged. Apple may have removed this feature from its latest MacBook, but Griffin's BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable achieves the general concept if you don't mind a little nub protruding from your MacBook. Griffin's breakaway Type-C cable is 6' long and will cost $40 when it becomes available in April this year.

Griffin is also giving the Type-C treatment to its iMic product, a simple audio interface providing analog audio input and output over USB for Mac or PC. This unit will be released sometime in the second quarter for $45.

The PowerMate USB-C is Griffin's multi-purpose desktop dial, advertised as a useful tool for scrolling through web pages or media, adjusting your computer's volume, or offering fine-grain scrubbing control in media editing applications. The dial is Mac and PC compatible and includes a nifty software tool to set its function for each software application. The PowerMate USB-C will cost $50 when it is released in Q2.

Lastly, the company is prepping chargers to top off the battery in your next Type-C mobile device. Griffin claims the PowerJolt SE USB-C will be one of the first Type-C car chargers available when it sells for $25 in Q3 of 2016. The PowerBlock USB-C for home charging will arrive at the same time, and it'll be priced at $30.

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