Mushkin updates its ECO line of solid-state drives

Mushkin's ECO family of solid-state drives has been known primarily for being budget-friendly. With its new ECO3 drives, it looks like Mushkin is sticking with that formula. This time around, the company is dropping the smaller 60GB and 120GB offerings. ECO3 drives will only ship in 240GB and 480GB capacities, at least initially.

The initial performance specs claimed by Mushkin suggest a modest upgrade from the ECO2 drives. Sequential reads are up to 560MB/s, just a bit higher than the ECO2's 550MB/s. Write speeds see a bump from 485MB/s to 515MB/s. The drives will use the tried-and-true 6Gbps SATA interface, but Mushkin has switched to Silicon Motion's SM2256 controller.

The drives will be covered by a three year-warranty, and they'll remain a Newegg exclusive. Mushkin promises "even more affordable price points" for these drives than its last-generation products, but the company hasn't yet released pricing information. If the 240GB drives come in under the ECO2 240GB's $79 price tag, they could turn a few heads.

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