EVGA SC 17G gaming laptop gives enthusiasts full control

CES - EVGA gave us a look at its upcoming SC 17G gaming laptop today. This 17" machine is hewn entirely from aluminum, and both the case and keyboard feel rock-solid. EVGA puts a 4K IPS panel under the lid. G-Sync will be available as an option.

That solid metal exterior houses an unlocked Core i7-6820HK Skylake CPU and a GTX 980M graphics card, paired with 32GB of memory, a 1TB mechanical hard drive, and 256GB of PCIe 3.0 storage. To make wringing the most out of those unlocked parts easier, EVGA includes a full EFI interface similar to its desktop motherboards. A deeply recessed clear-CMOS button sits above the power button in case an overclocking effort should fail. Expect to see the SC 17G in EVGA's online store in February with broader availability to follow.

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